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Acronis Small Business Server Backup Software With NAS Systems

downloadThe problem with most small business server 2003 backup software is that you require tying up a physical server to the software in order to store your backup data. However, with the Acronis small business server 2003 backup software you can do the same without the help of extra storage as you get a 5GB space online with Acronis to store your valuable data.

This does not mean that you cannot use external storage media. The best application of Acronis backup is using a NAS system that will provide ample storage space for storing data of multiple systems and servers. 5GB is too small a space to store even the backup of a single workstation. That is why a NAS should be used along with the software. While normal file sharing and storage servers are equally compatible with Acronis small business server 2003 backup utility, NAS has some additional features that make it a better choice.

For one, with a Network Attached Storage system, you get faster transfer speeds and hastier response times. Since, NAS systems are geared to only store files and provide them upon request, there is no other function being played out by such servers. This reduces the time taken to process requests and store erase data.

Secondly, with a NAS wired to the Acronis small business server 2003 backup utility, you can tie up as many individual NAS modules as you like by linking all NAS systems to a single main system called the NAS head. This way you can increase storage space without having to invest extra into getting individual servers and systems. Best of all, NAS do not allocate space for running OS and other applications and so the storage space on them is massive.

Thirdly, since NAS systems do not require any terminals and input devices, they are cost effective compared with full fledged servers. All one needs is to connect the NAS system to a NAS head and control of the system is given over to the NAS head system. Your workstation with Acronis small business server 2003 backup and utility software connects to all NAS via the head system.

Finally, when you use NAS systems, you can create virtual servers out of physical servers simply by backing up the massive data in each server into the NAS and then retrieving this data whenever needed to clone into your newly acquired physical server. Thus, for a small business, starting costs are greatly reduced because they need not invest into costly physical servers and can simply create many virtual servers on a single physical machine saving costs.