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Kiosk used as a multi-tasking device at various places


With the increasing technology, the devices are being advanced and the use of the devices is increasing for various workings. The devices like kiosk are used widely for the access of any information and for the marketing. Kiosk device can be used for the various works at various places. There are many types of kiosk machines are available like kiosk for information access, kiosk for the self-services, kiosk for the internet access and kiosk device as a navigation device. The kiosk machines can be used at following places:

  • In hotels or restaurants: the kiosk machine can be used in the hotels or restaurants for the self-services. Customers can order the food using the kiosks devices and they can choose their favorite foods and can see the food menu in the kiosk machines.
  • In the places like hospitals and airports: the kiosk machines are used in the places like hospitals and airports for the access of information. You can see the flight status on airports and can know about the wards and medicines in hospitals.
  • As a navigation device: the kiosk machine can be used as a navigation device. The users can see the various places and routes on the big screen of the kiosk machine. These are also used for the car navigation system.
  • As the billing device: the kiosk machine can be used asa billing device in the stores and shops. The owner can also know about the stock of the items in the store or he can make the bills of customers easily with the help of the kiosk.
  • In the libraries and museum: the kiosk machine can be used at the paces like libraries and museum for the information. the students can see the information about the books in library and people can know about the history of the things in museum.

The kiosk machine uses the software for the information access. The user of kiosk can see the information on the big touchscreen. The information on the kiosk can be updated or can be changed easily using the software. The kiosk provides these facilities at very low cost maintenance. The kiosk provides a user friendly interface to the users. OLEA kiosk designers have the best professionals that will give you the best always.


The kiosk is a user friendly device which is used for the information access. It provides a very simple interface to the users. It can be used for different tasks by the updating of the software.


Choose The Right Company To Avoid Kaspersky Removal

The world today will stop working of there are no computers. Everyone is so much dependent on their computers that living without it has become unimaginable. Computer has become a crucial part of your life in many ways. Earlier there used to be journals and lockers where you would keep details of all your endeavors and hide your passwords but today, all that has been replaced by computers. This is the reason that keeping your computer from virus is very important and this is where kaspersky support 1-855-205-0915 comes in to work. There are many antivirus available in the market both offline and online. However, when tested in real time, many of them have not proven to be so beneficial. However, over the years kaspersky has always proved its worth and efficiency, thus making itself indispensable for computer and internet using people. It has been known well for keeping a computer safe from any kind of negative agent that can be harmful for your system or data.

For the installation and usage of this amazing antivirus, you just need to seek the services of an agency that provides support. Once installed, the services and actions of this antivirus is going to impress you so much that you would never think of kaspersky removal or uninstall kaspersky ever. Now, with the increasing popularity of this antivirus program, there has been a considerable increase in the number of service providers to. However, this does not mean that you should choose any service provider on the go whom you see first. This means that you should choose a service provider with great care so that you get good customer service. There have been cases when, people have carried out kaspersky removal just because of poor service. However, if you take some measures to choose your service provider well, there would never be a need for you to compromise with the security of your system kaspersky removal.

Here are a few tips that would greatly help you in choosing your service provider

  • One of the best ways to find out if a company is good in providing good service or not is by going through the testimonials on their website by their past clients. Testimonials are actually a very effective and authentic way of knowing about a company and avoiding a situation like uninstall kaspersky.
  • The next thing that you should check is whether or not a company provides round the clock support. There are many situations when you have to work in night or on holidays. In such a scenario, it would be great that your service provider gives you support all the time so that if you stuck at any moment, you can feel free to call them.
  • You should always make your selection by comparing a number of companies. This way, you can easily find out for how many years these companies have been working and also which company has a larger customer base.

Know Necessity Of Kaspersky Technical Support

Today’s, we all are dependent on computer devices to accomplish our numerous essential activities. In this modern tech world, these computer devices have become smarter with advanced technologies. Everyone spends their valuable time on the internet to do online shopping, banking transaction, etc. Modern generation spends more time in front of computer for downloading video, movies and games, watch live match and other. Generally, computers are infected by viruses and spyware. Basically, computer viruses are small software programs which are designed to circulate from one system to another. An injurious virus might thieve or remove sensitive data on your PC.

Even such a dangerous threat uses your email program to float itself to other computers, and corrupt everything on hard disk. Malware is often spread by attachments in email messages or instant text messages. That’s why it is critical that you never open email until you know who it is from this attachment. They can be disguised as funny photos, greeting cards, or even audio and video files. There are lots of ways a computer can become influenced with spyware, worms, malware, etc.

  1. Accepting without reading
  2. Opening e-mail attachments
  3. Not running the latest updates
  4. Pirating music and movies
  5. Downloading infected application

To discard all these hazardous activities in your PC, you need to install comprehensive security tool. Though, a lot of antivirus in the market, Kaspersky Antivirus is among the best antivirus and comes with all new features. It is well-known antivirus with a solid engine, a better usability, a revamped. This security software renders proficient protection from online dangers and blocks Trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, and other malware. The real-time protection is wonderful with emails, files, and internet traffic.

Moreover, it defends from phishing through identifying and blocking links to sites that have been influenced by malware. The antivirus comprises a self-defense mechanism which blocks files that are acting weird, helpful for preventing attacks from potential spyware. The main thing about this antivirus is that, it has a sharper and intuitive like interface.

Sometimes, you can be faced lots of complications with your product such as:

  1. How to install and uninstall Antivirus
  2. Unable to fix the real time scanning problems
  3. Software setup failure
  4. Network settings failure
  5. Updating failure

To forget these worries you need to take help from technical support experts. Don’t worry! There is a quick help. Only you need to call Kaspersky Technical Support to resolve all your product related problems. The technical engineers will attend your call and offer effective support. Reliable professionals are available round the clock to give you the best customer advocacy. They will solve other compatibility issues quickly by a chat or phone call. They make sure that your antivirus runs smoothly. A small technical glitch may infect your personal information. So don’t delay in getting touch with Antivirus Customer Support.


New Technology Supports Compliance With Tcpa Telemarketing Regulations

With the passing of October 16, 2013 came new FCC rules and regulations that have the call center operators that dial consumers’ mobile phone numbers in a quandary. The FCC has implemented specific laws to ensure consumer privacy and places restrictions on telemarketing calls, text messages and faxes.

The FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (‘TCPA’) rules mandate prior express written consent from the consumer when the operator uses call center software with an auto dialer aka predictive dialer to call mobile phones or leave prerecorded messages. These new rules have created uncertainty for call center operators that utilize predictive dialing.

New technology in the call center software industry has made it easier for operators to comply with TCPA rules. Let’s review a few software features recently made available from software vendors. One of the rules have been addressed is the need for a call center solution to switch from ‘predictive dialing or automatic dialing mode’ to a completely separate system that is completely manual dialing. If a system has the capacity to ‘auto dial’ a number, it may be in violation of TCPA rules. Systems that offer a completely separate set of calling features that remove the capacity to auto dial is TCPA compliant.

It is highly recommended working with integrated 3rd party scrubbing services, like PossibleNOW and Gryphon to help ensure that lists comply with DNCs requirements. Call systems today should be able to integrate with third-party scrubbing services to ensure that the calling lists do not violate ‘D Not Call’ lists. Businesses are now required to obtain express written consent, with a physical or electronic signature, prior to placing automated telephone dialing system call and prerecorded calls, texts, or messages to mobile phone numbers.

Telemarketing and consumer privacy regulations are in important of today’s call center workplace. The risks of litigation have never been greater. Seek out a call center software vendor that provides the tools such as no capacity to auto dial or integration to 3rd party scrub services are needed to stay compliant and designed to accommodate a variety of sales and business requirements.

About Gregg Troyanowski

Gregg Troyanowski is president of Promero, Inc. Founded in 2001, Promero is a leading customer care -call center software expert. Promero provides valuable insight to customers when selecting a call center technology platform. Promero supports companies of any size or industry and addresses strategic, operational and technological issues always with the focus of providing a solution that is right for the client's business. Promero is an authorized managed service hosting provider and reseller of the world's best in class solutions including Oracle, Aspect, Enghouse Interactive, Five9, Salesforce, Pipkins, and Riverstar. Promero provides free, no obligation consultation.


Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing is a universal term for everything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. Generally, cloud computing is divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) just like Amazon Web Service, which provides virtual server that, allows starting, stopping, and accessing and organizing their virtual servers and storage. Cloud computing allows the customers to pay as much as they needed this is pay-as-you-use, and bring more online as soon as required. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) this is a set of software and product development tools hosted on the provider’s infrastructure. Paas providers might use website portals or gateway software or APIs that is installed on the customer’s computer. Google Apps are the best example of PaaS. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a very expansive market. Its services can be anything from Web-based email to inventory control and database processing. A cloud service has characteristics that differ from the usual hosting. It is in demand, elastic and accessible.

As Cloud Computing starts becoming persistent, supplementary application patterns are measured for evaluated as fitment for running on cloud. In 5 years later, cloud computing has been progressively stirring away from being an exhortation to something is available from a host of big names such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. SaaS and cloud computing has been adopted rapidly by start-ups and small-and-medium businesses. Large enterprises are closed behind in exploring how cloud can be leveraged in their context. Majority of the enterprises starts their cloud-computing journey by making a small proof-of-concept (PCO) to come across the issues they may face in the method of accepting clouds.

Cloud computing talk about the use and access of several server-based computational possessions through a digital network (WAN, Internet connection using the Word Wide Web, etc.). It is a set of collective computing resources delivered in excess of the internet. Using a computer, netbook, pad computer, smart phones or other device; the cloud users can access the server resources. Applications in cloud computing are provided and managed by the cloud server and its data is stored tenuously in the cloud configuration. The cloud can hastily scale to thousand of servers to make the resources available according to the user’s needs.

Cloud computing is the way of delivering IT resources as service that includes the infrastructure as a service (Iaas), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) at the internet. You do not need to purchase a hardware or software. So if you want a faster, flexible, well competent and more economical business then move your IT infrastructure to Cloud Computing. You just need a computer with internet connection and a cloud hosting service provider. Cloud computing services typically provide common business applications online that is accessible through the web browser, while the software and data are stored on the servers.


Hyper-v Backup Strategy

When it comes to a hyper-v backup strategy you have several options to choose from. Are you planning on backing up a virtual machine and rebuilding it into hyper-v? Is your server already complete and just need to correct hyper-v backup strategy setup? I’ll answer both scenarios in this article.

Hyper-v backup strategy #1

When you plan to move a physical server to the virtual world with hyper-v there are several tools available for you to use. One that has been extremely useful in my endeavors as a network engineer has been Acronis. When moving a domain controller or file server to hyper-v will now become a three step process.

1. Stop all shares and connections to your server you plan on moving to hyper-v. Shut your server down and insert the Acronis boot CD. I have also done this with Acronis snap deploy software and highly take a look into that as well. Copy that image to a network drive on the network. Depending on how much data the server has loaded I have seen this take up to 4-5 hours. If you have major amounts of data start this process on a Friday before work end and come in early to either put the server online or finish the process of transferring to hyper-v.

2. On your hyper-v server select the image that Acronis has developed for you through the wizard. This will ask various questions about RAM and processing power. I recommend having the same as the physical server had before.

3. Start the hyper-v service and confirm that you can access all shares as before. Demote the old server and you have no completed your transfer. All programs, files, services should be the same.

Hyper-v Backup Strategy #2

Once again I would highly recommend that you purchase Acronis virtual edition (learn more about it here) in order to make this easier on yourself. The easy to use and extremely complex management portal of Acronis will make your backup nightmares turn into a happy dream. The greatest part of Acronis is that it comes with prebuilt template of the most common hyper-v backup strategies that the majority of the IT world uses.

1. Install Acronis Virtual edition on the hyper-v server.

2. In the management console look for your hyper-v machine you wish to setup backups for.

3. Add the VM to your backup listed then select the network drive or server you wish to backup to.

4. Select a template to use for backups or create your own manually.

5. Run a test to confirm no firewall issues are blocking Acronis from accessing you backup device.


Ingredients of a perfect eCommerce Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is a series of activities performed to ensure the availability of items needed to run a business. A better Inventory Management system ensures that items are always available in optimal quantities, neither overstocked nor too little. As discussed, an inventory is a vital element in your business that allows having right thing at a right time in right quantity.

There are many inventory management solutions available for online business store these days. It is very difficult to select the best one from them. To make sure you did not select a wrong option for your business, it is important that you have a basic knowledge of what an efficient eCommerce Inventory Management software should consist of.

Some of the very important features that all eCommerce business owners should emphasize on while selecting a solution for Online inventory Management Software include:

1. Real Time Synchronization across all the channels of storage location

These days most of the eCommerce store sell across a number of online channels. So, in order to manage this huge data, a proper management system is required which can synchronize the sales across all the different channels and storage locations.

2. A Real -Time Update facility

Managing a huge channel could be a very tough task if a Real-Time update of sales and another data is not done. Each of the sales and inventory movement must to be updated in a central location from where the data could be quickly synchronized to all the locations.

3. Integration of stores at different locations

An effective Inventory Management system should be able to integrate all the stores included in its domain. A better Inventory Management software is capable of automatically update the sales done by each and every store included in its system. From one screen a retailer is able to view the quantity of inventory updated for every store and also track the flow of inventory within the B2B, B2C, environments.

4. Integrated with the Warehouse

A warehouse is an important part of Inventory management system. For an effective Inventory data management, it is important that all the warehouses from different locations are integrated into the software. Anyone with an access should be able to view the inventory status across all the warehouses and inventory locations.

5. Management of Product variations

Nowadays, a number of products are available on various online stores with different color variations. How these products are managed? A perfect inventory management system should capable of managing identical products with slight variations without any mistake or ambiguity. These variations are managed using a unique SKU and inventory numbers for each variation.


What A Good Backup Software For Small Business Server Should Provide

imagesBackup utilities are aplenty in the market with some being available for dirt cheap prices while others are flaunted in the market for exponential price tags of over $3000. However, before giving out a name that is synonymous with great backup and restoration utility, let us see what makes backup software for small business server great.

Ergonomics: Since restoration and backup software for small business server are supposed to be meant for those who do not possess the manpower or the capital to invest in dedicated backup systems and solutions such as those employed by the large conglomerates and corporations, it is supposed to be easy to use and easy to learn. Preferably, it should possess a simple screen with easy navigation and all options at the click of a button. A person running a small business does not possess the time neither the patient to tinker with a lot of options and therefore there should be just the requisite amount of options.

Versatility: The backup software for small business server should be versatile in its application. Many inexpensive backup solutions offer restoration and migration but limit the platforms that it can migrate or consolidate onto. Others simply restrict the number of virtualizations and backups. The ideal backup software is one that is versatile in doing all of these things and should virtually have no limitations.

Affordable: Granted that price does play a major role in deciding just how good the software is. However, this does not mean that a good software be over priced to the hilt. One need not cut open his heart to own backup software for small business server. It should come at a cost that is both indicative of the versatility and yet not be overtly priced.

NAS Compatibilty: Considering how NAS or Network Associated Server system are the latest type of file storage and transfer solution, the backup utility should be geared to entertain such NAS systems regardless of the platform they work on or tie into. Since, NAS is the future for small businesses considering the lower price and the advantages, a great backup software for small business server should be completely compatible with NAS. These four criteria decide how a backup software for small business server measures up. In all tests done by major review websites and magazines dealing with software, it was concluded that by far the most versatile and affordable product in the market is the entire Acronis Backup and Restore family 2010. Today, one can even get the latest 2011 version of the Acronis suite which is yet to be properly studied.


Acronis Backup Software For SBS Is Versatile

Backing up data is a tedious process that often requires multiple hands and experienced personnel to manage. However, being a small business means that there is not sufficient funds to divert towards maintaining such personnel. This is where Acronis backup software for SBS comes into picture. It provides an ergonomic solution to this problem by bringing together all workstations and servers together into one console and allowing a single user to effectively manage and store backup data thus safeguarding crucial information from loss or corruption.

The Acronis family of backup software for SBS provides different versions of its versatile backup and security 10 software allowing one to manage any and every kind of server. Furthermore, implementing a NAS system along with the backup software for SBS allows for safer and better storage of backups and hasty recovery.

The screen of the backup software is ergonomic with all the physical and virtual clusters shown clearly in the side menu and descriptions of each cluster shown in the main window. A simple click on any of the clusters reveals all the individual workstation and servers within allowing the user to individually monitor and tinker with the controls. A right click on any cluster allows the user to change most of the options and is self explanatory.

For example, if the user wishes to create regular backups for certain physical machines within a cluster then he simply needs to access the options menu with a right click on the particular machine and choose the requisite options. With Acronis backup software for SBS you can choose how to backup each system separately or as a part of an entire cluster. Furthermore, in the event of system failure or crashes on any server or workstation, data can be restored quickly so as to reduce the loss incurred due to a down server.

With the consolidation and migration capabilities of Acronis, one can even migrate server data from virtual to physical and vice versa. Consolidation allows one to create up to four virtual servers in one physical server by backing up each virtual server and then creating exact replicas of the same in the host server. This helps reduce the number of virtual servers and physical servers thus reducing running and maintenance costs.

Acronis provides various types of backup software for SBS, some are for workstations only while others are for virtual clouds. You can choose the type you require based on your requirements and depending on what you are looking to do with the management software. Above all, with such versatile backup software for SBS, you will never have to take the headache of protecting your critical data by employing expensive professionals.

Acronis backup software for SBS is a great choice for SBS. Make sure you dont lose your entire accounting database and shared files by not having a great backup solution for small business server.


Use Powerful Call Center Software Solutions For Business Transformation

The key to successfully run and nurture any organization and improving customer interaction is embedding the best ever practices into your system. In pursuit of the same, companies worldwide are using the most advanced and customer-focused customer service software and systems that can guarantee the best customer experience. In fact, companies are also improving their sales and revenues by improving the overall customer experiences. One of the best ways to improve the customer experience while tracking their problems and managing their difficult issues is to use the most powerful call center software solutions. Call center software solutions work with modern channels and can help to tackle customer issues. These types of solutions boost employee productivity with great automations.

In addition to that, call center, predictive dialer software solutions boast of different types of features that can improve the overall company's performance. Its extended reporting suites are quite comprehensive and help managers to get a quick overview of the prevalent bottlenecks. Moreover, you can control the calls such as hold them, mute them, and can take them to conferencing, too.

The software has many amazing features, one of the most exclusive is call queues; it enhances your callers' call queue waiting experiences. It has inherent features that are quite mesmerizing such as queue callback, queue to voicemail, etc. Moreover, it allows business owners/marketers/strategists to fundamentally change the customer experience.

Here are some of the most exclusive features of a call center software:

  • Call recording

With the help of a call center software, it has become possible to record inbound and outbound calls. In fact, professionals can pause/resume live call recordings and listen to past call recordings according to their needs. It simply ensures compliance with the highest industry standards.

  • Concurrent calls

Now, call center professionals can boost up their efficiency without compromising call quality with the facility of concurrent inbound and outbound calling. It is a revolutionary feature that guarantees service quality.

  • No boundaries

It is easy to acquire local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries. It helps to optimize global business and helps customers irrespective of their location. It is one of the most suitable features that makes it special. Moreover, the software also reduces time to service and improve fraud protection.

  • Collaboration

Call center professionals can make calls to each other and talk to each other, which helps in smooth interaction and collaboration. It fact, it is much faster and more secure than any other solution.

No doubt, these features are absolutely amazing, smart, flexible, manageable, analytical, insightful, customer-centric, and fully operational as they encourage end-to-end customer experience and can accelerate any company's revenue by improving its customer's experience. The call center software solutions act as the finest improvement tools and assist businesses in touching the next level of excellence. Unquestionably, call centers are still a popular way for the companies to easily interact with their customers because it is the time to harness the power of being connected.