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Common Ways to Get Support for Installed Software Programs

Software support

A business relies on software in order to get important work done. That's why when an unexpected crash occurs with software it is more than frustrating. The easy route is to secure software support immediately, but some like to try some other things first. There are some basic things one can try to cure a software issue.

The next time the need arises for software support, try these methods for troubleshooting and be sure to keep notes on what was attempted. Then if all else fails software support will always be there to help.

Free up some RAM

Every type of software uses RAM or Random Access Memory. The more programs running, the more RAM that's being used. By simply closing other open programs, one can get the computer to start working faster. This is more prominent in older models but it can affect newer as well.

There's also a way to determine which particular program is slowing the computer and not allowing new software to open. There are two different methods depending on if the computer is using Windows or Mac OS X.

For Mac OS X, make use of the Activity Monitor in the applications tab, and then under utilities. Once open, sort the open programs by clicking the Real Memory column and displaying them by RAM usage.

For Windows, click Ctrl, Alt and Delete to activate the Task Manager. Click processes, and the memory menu item. This helps sort all the open programs via RAM usage so that those using the most can be closed. Simply click the End Process option but make sure that important programs aren't closed. This may require a bit of research to be safe.


Software problems often begin when one program conflicts with another. The difficulties of having both start up at once cause the computer to freeze or just deny opening one other the other. A simple restart can work if both programs are shut down first.

If restarting the program that's having issues doesn't fix the problem, one can try to rebootthe computer. Once the computer has completely restarted, the application can be re-launched and tried again to see if it works better.

Get Help Online

No matter the software problems that are encountered, chances are that someone somewhere has dealt with it too. Many turn to the internet to find help and advice. Here are some proven methods to doing so.

•    Do a Search: The search must include the program name, the issue at hand, and how it happened. Any specific error messages should be included as well.

•    Go to the Vendor Site: The vendor will likely give plenty of help on the product right on their site.

•    Find Tutorials: There are manysites that help by offering tech tutoring, discussions via forums, and helpful articles.

Uninstall then Reinstall

Often times issues occur due to critical files having been updated, removed or deleted. If one has recently deleted one program from the computer, it's possible theyunknowingly took out necessary DLL files needed by another program. Also, adding a program may cause an unstable program and make another stop working.

Completely uninstall then reinstall the software that is causing the issue. Check the hard drive program files to make sure all parts of the program have been deleted. Before the reinstall, make sure there isn't a newer version available as the vendor may have released one that fixed the particular bugs being difficult.

Software vendors also issue what are called "patches." These updates address problems and could also solve the issue easily.

Get Rid of Viruses and Malware.

Deleting viruses, spyware, and similar threats is a good way to avoid having software crash, freeze or stop working. A quick scan of the computer with anti-malware and antivirus will do the trick.

Boot up in Safe Mode.

Entering safe mode can be accomplished by hitting the F8 key during boot up. For Mac computers, hold the Shift key while booting or right after. When the computer is fully in safe mod, launch the software again and see if it works. If it does it means that the issue is with another program.