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Couple Your Acronis Backup Small Business Server With A NAS Device

While it is not necessary to associate an independent file storage device to your current computer or workstation in order to store backups and files, a NAS or Network Attached Storage device can make all the difference in the event of disasters. The problem with file servers is that they are individual computers or workstations with fully fledged systems that incorporate hardware for storage meaning that it is costly to maintain and run such systems. This is where a NAS trumps such NOS or Network Operating Systems. A backup small business server 2003 software along with a NAS will serve all purposes of backup and restore and reduce working costs which is essential to small businesses that are not looking to do dedicated with centralized file servers.

NAS is built up from the bottom up level unlike the NOS with just the bare essential hardware necessary to perform file storage and sharing services. In effect each NAS is devoid of a screen, keyboard and other peripherals and all the NAS in a workstation or server route back to one terminal screen called the NAS head to which all other systems and users on the server connect to. This eliminates working costs and increases speeds. When a proper backup small business server 2003 model is in place to co-ordinate the backup and restore sessions on a NAS system, the results are often amazing.

The Acronis backup solution 2010 allows users to link up with multiple servers and NAS along with individual workstations and create backups on the NAS as per user configuration. Since, the NAS serves no other purpose than storage, the chances of the files on those system going corrupt or getting infected is minimal thus ensuring a speedy and safe recovery whenever your workstation is hit with disaster. Such backup small business server 2003 software allow you to continue your work in the comfort of the knowledge that in the event of an epidemic, your data is securely held in place and requires only a touch of a button to restore.

The NAS head connects directly to the Acronis interface and shows up along with every other system even the virtual servers that you may be employing for web hosting. This allows you to create backups of your virtual servers as well on the NAS such that failures not in your hand need not hamper your business. You have the option with Acronis backup and recovery solution to backup small business server 2003 easily onto each of your virtual and physical servers directly from the NAS within a few minutes. Since all data transfer and storage in the NAS system via Acronis takes place using 256 bit encryption, the chances of data getting hacked is small or rather slim.

It is not necessary to tie up a Network Associated Server System to your Acronis interface however, the best results are obtained when the backup and restore software from Acronis is used along with NAS systems because of its speed, stability and reliability.

Acronis backup software allows you to harness the full potential of your NAS system and do much more. Read up by following the link and learn how you can use this to your advantage.