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Ingredients of a perfect eCommerce Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is a series of activities performed to ensure the availability of items needed to run a business. A better Inventory Management system ensures that items are always available in optimal quantities, neither overstocked nor too little. As discussed, an inventory is a vital element in your business that allows having right thing at a right time in right quantity.

There are many inventory management solutions available for online business store these days. It is very difficult to select the best one from them. To make sure you did not select a wrong option for your business, it is important that you have a basic knowledge of what an efficient eCommerce Inventory Management software should consist of.

Some of the very important features that all eCommerce business owners should emphasize on while selecting a solution for Online inventory Management Software include:

1. Real Time Synchronization across all the channels of storage location

These days most of the eCommerce store sell across a number of online channels. So, in order to manage this huge data, a proper management system is required which can synchronize the sales across all the different channels and storage locations.

2. A Real -Time Update facility

Managing a huge channel could be a very tough task if a Real-Time update of sales and another data is not done. Each of the sales and inventory movement must to be updated in a central location from where the data could be quickly synchronized to all the locations.

3. Integration of stores at different locations

An effective Inventory Management system should be able to integrate all the stores included in its domain. A better Inventory Management software is capable of automatically update the sales done by each and every store included in its system. From one screen a retailer is able to view the quantity of inventory updated for every store and also track the flow of inventory within the B2B, B2C, environments.

4. Integrated with the Warehouse

A warehouse is an important part of Inventory management system. For an effective Inventory data management, it is important that all the warehouses from different locations are integrated into the software. Anyone with an access should be able to view the inventory status across all the warehouses and inventory locations.

5. Management of Product variations

Nowadays, a number of products are available on various online stores with different color variations. How these products are managed? A perfect inventory management system should capable of managing identical products with slight variations without any mistake or ambiguity. These variations are managed using a unique SKU and inventory numbers for each variation.