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New Technology Supports Compliance With Tcpa Telemarketing Regulations

With the passing of October 16, 2013 came new FCC rules and regulations that have the call center operators that dial consumers’ mobile phone numbers in a quandary. The FCC has implemented specific laws to ensure consumer privacy and places restrictions on telemarketing calls, text messages and faxes.

The FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (‘TCPA’) rules mandate prior express written consent from the consumer when the operator uses call center software with an auto dialer aka predictive dialer to call mobile phones or leave prerecorded messages. These new rules have created uncertainty for call center operators that utilize predictive dialing.

New technology in the call center software industry has made it easier for operators to comply with TCPA rules. Let’s review a few software features recently made available from software vendors. One of the rules have been addressed is the need for a call center solution to switch from ‘predictive dialing or automatic dialing mode’ to a completely separate system that is completely manual dialing. If a system has the capacity to ‘auto dial’ a number, it may be in violation of TCPA rules. Systems that offer a completely separate set of calling features that remove the capacity to auto dial is TCPA compliant.

It is highly recommended working with integrated 3rd party scrubbing services, like PossibleNOW and Gryphon to help ensure that lists comply with DNCs requirements. Call systems today should be able to integrate with third-party scrubbing services to ensure that the calling lists do not violate ‘D Not Call’ lists. Businesses are now required to obtain express written consent, with a physical or electronic signature, prior to placing automated telephone dialing system call and prerecorded calls, texts, or messages to mobile phone numbers.

Telemarketing and consumer privacy regulations are in important of today’s call center workplace. The risks of litigation have never been greater. Seek out a call center software vendor that provides the tools such as no capacity to auto dial or integration to 3rd party scrub services are needed to stay compliant and designed to accommodate a variety of sales and business requirements.

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