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What A Good Backup Software For Small Business Server Should Provide

imagesBackup utilities are aplenty in the market with some being available for dirt cheap prices while others are flaunted in the market for exponential price tags of over $3000. However, before giving out a name that is synonymous with great backup and restoration utility, let us see what makes backup software for small business server great.

Ergonomics: Since restoration and backup software for small business server are supposed to be meant for those who do not possess the manpower or the capital to invest in dedicated backup systems and solutions such as those employed by the large conglomerates and corporations, it is supposed to be easy to use and easy to learn. Preferably, it should possess a simple screen with easy navigation and all options at the click of a button. A person running a small business does not possess the time neither the patient to tinker with a lot of options and therefore there should be just the requisite amount of options.

Versatility: The backup software for small business server should be versatile in its application. Many inexpensive backup solutions offer restoration and migration but limit the platforms that it can migrate or consolidate onto. Others simply restrict the number of virtualizations and backups. The ideal backup software is one that is versatile in doing all of these things and should virtually have no limitations.

Affordable: Granted that price does play a major role in deciding just how good the software is. However, this does not mean that a good software be over priced to the hilt. One need not cut open his heart to own backup software for small business server. It should come at a cost that is both indicative of the versatility and yet not be overtly priced.

NAS Compatibilty: Considering how NAS or Network Associated Server system are the latest type of file storage and transfer solution, the backup utility should be geared to entertain such NAS systems regardless of the platform they work on or tie into. Since, NAS is the future for small businesses considering the lower price and the advantages, a great backup software for small business server should be completely compatible with NAS. These four criteria decide how a backup software for small business server measures up. In all tests done by major review websites and magazines dealing with software, it was concluded that by far the most versatile and affordable product in the market is the entire Acronis Backup and Restore family 2010. Today, one can even get the latest 2011 version of the Acronis suite which is yet to be properly studied.